• Is there a fee to be paid to register as a Food Provider?
    You do not pay any fee or charges. It is completely free.
  • How many images can we post of the Food that we would like to take orders for?
    You can post Two Images of the Food in your Profie.
  • How do we get to post more than two images? Some profiles do show more than 2.
    You can get to post more images if you qualify as per criteria to be announced on this web site from time to time.
  • Can we pay to post more images in our Food Provider Profile?
    We do not charge any Fee whatsoever.
  • Who handles our orders for Food once placed?
    All orders placed are strictly between the Buyer and the Food Provider. Foodfromhome.in has no role to play. It only provides a platform for Buyers and Sellers of Food to directly interact with each other.
  • Do we have to pay any commission to foodfromhome.in for orders received through this portal?
    No we do not charge any commission. All transactions are between the Buyer and Seller.
  • How do we get paid for the Food ordered with us?
    All payment and other terms have to be mutually agreed with the person placing order for Food on you.