What we do

We provide a Market for the Home Cooks to solicit orders for Fresh and Healthy Food.

It is a platform which caters to diverse customer requirement for homemade food. Food Providers can showcase their skills and promote delicacies, all at zero cost.

Buyers and Sellers connect here and directly transact with each other.

Our Mission

At Food from Home Our Mission is to make it easy for Home Cooks to do business and fulfil the Home Made Food needs of people. We Help Buyers and Providers of Home Cooked Food find each other Quickly and Efficiently.


Your are a Great Home Cook

You are a good cook and would like to make use of your skills to earn money?  Don’t know where to begin?

We are here to assist and encourage you. 

Register as a Food Provider and take your first steps towards self-empowerment and financial independence. 

Food from Home gives you the required tools to be in complete control of your business and cater to an audience of your choice.

Looking For Home Made Food

Away from home and cannot eat hotel food one more time?  

Do not want to cook at home and yet eat Healthy?

Having a dinner party and looking for special dishes and desserts to grace your table?

Want that fantastic cake to make the birthday special?

Great Home Cooks at Food from Home will satisfy your every food desire and craving. Give you wide options to Eat Healthy and contribute to make your Get Together and Parties memorable.




Earn Prominence

The more members you add to Food From Home the more Prominence you get. It is a well established fact that a business with Prominence will get sampled first. This is the first step to gain a customer.

From Founder's Desk
  •   Upload Images. Early birds get to add more (standard is 2) images to your profile. Mail the additional pictures to us and we will ensure they are uploaded.